Outdoor Dining

The City of Clayton has become a restaurant destination for not only residents and employees of Clayton businesses, but also for restaurant patrons throughout the St. Louis Metropolitan Area. The City is currently home to over 60 eating establishments, which provide dining services and opportunities unequaled in the area. Among the most prevalent opportunities is the availability and variety of dining in Clayton. The restaurant experience in Clayton provides every type and cost range of dining, both at lunch and dinner.


The implementation of the outdoor dining concept has had a positive impact on the dining customers, participating restaurants and the City of Clayton. The outdoor dining experience in Clayton has resulted in a sense of excitement, allowing diners the chance to enjoy the weather and watch the pedestrian traffic while being provided customary restaurant services.

The restaurants have benefited by the expanded square footage and very visible image. The City of Clayton has also benefited from outdoor dining by increased tax dollars generated from the additional restaurant business and the overall ambiance associated with outdoor dining.

In April of 1996, the City established standards for outdoor seating designed to reflect the quality of Clayton. Based upon continued experience with the outdoor dining/seating concept, the City recognizes the need to maintain the standards which protect the high quality environment associated with Clayton dining establishments.

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