Accessories are objects that complement a design. Interior design accessories add to the aesthetic value of a room, and should be representative to the designer’s (or homeowner’s) personality and tastes. They may include things like wall art, throw pillows, antiques, sculptures, keepsakes, collectibles and memorabilia.

Small, singular objects may visually disappear in a room. Grouping adds weight and visual significance to diminutive interior design accessories. Adhere to the following guidelines when grouping:

  • Use symmetry appropriately. Even groupings and symmetry can look overworked, and generally give off a formal feel. When decorating with accessories in a more relaxed or informal setting, group in odd numbers, or asymmetrically.
  • Choose objects with a common design element. For example, if you choose to hang a group of family photos, then they should all have something in common, such as a sepia hue or identical framing material. Groups of random objects should be associated by either color, theme or size.
  • Stagger object heights. To create visual interest, group objects with differing heights: high, medium and low.

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